Do you face a lot of stress due to your increasing weight? Are you shy to stand Infront of the mirror? Do you starve yourself but still have got no progress in your weight loss journey? Okay let’s get right to the point, I, too was at the same phase where you are now, but trust me it gets better with time, as you move towards the right direction. I will be sharing my personal experiences and telling you not to make the same mistakes I made. At the end of the day, it’s who you are inside which matters the most, rather than being too skinny.

  1. Following the latest trends

It is amazing how many of us, just get hooked up on any latest diet trends we see on the internet or read in magazines. It could be keto or intermittent fasting or anything you could name so.

However, instead of understanding the diets, it is necessary to understand our bodies. Check with your dietician, take the necessary tests and then see which suites your body the best, instead of experimenting with your food.

1. More exercise the better

This is supposed to be the most common mistake made by most of us. When we gain a little fat, we try to push off our limits and try to exercise as harder as ever in the gyms. Is it essential for you to have burn 1000 calories in a day? No!

Try to take up your favorite sports activity or take a morning run or try doing some yoga. It’s the consistency that matters the most rather than hardcore exercises

2. Lesser the calories the better

This is the most insane thing, people do while dieting, that is counting the calories. It’s vital to keep track of your food. However, it is essential to eat right. Likewise, say you choose a diet coke about an orange. You know what will make you fatter, the diet coke! Try to avoid fast food but please don’t cut down your carbs. You merely need it to survive!

3. Not making a wholesome meal

Now, let’s face some straight facts. You need to have a balanced diet. When you are trying to lose weight, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cut off your fats or carbs. And solely concern with a protein-rich or juice diet. Try to eat a wholesome meal. Give what your body demands.

4. Skipping the meal of the day

This is the most crucial meal of your day- breakfast. People focusing on diets necessarily skip breakfast to avoid the extra calories. This is an insignificant mistake they make. Researchers state that a healthy breakfast will increase your metabolism and keep you full for a long time.

5. opting for gluten-free food

gluten is a family of proteins found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye, and triticale. Therefore, gluten is safe for consumption unless you have a celiac or gluten allergy. It isn’t necessarily to avoid it. Feel free to have rich fibrous grain and legumes as they provide dietary protein and amino acids.

6. The numbers are not supposed to be always right

Try to lose fat in your curvy areas instead of losing just some merry numbers on the scale. It isn’t always necessary that the scale will represent your correct body mass index. See to that, you lose fat and gain some muscle at the end of your diet.

Let’s wind up our little chit-chat, but before I do so, remember to keep your dietary goals slightly portable. Try to achieve a little at a time, don’t press too hard on yourself. Make a willful mind, to achieve your necessary goals and you will surely be able to do it.

the last tip, focus on setting realistic goals
the last tip, focus on setting realistic goals
the last tip, focus on setting realistic goals

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